MAESTRO Digital Pianos

MAESTRO Digital Pianos  88 Weighted Hammer Action  European Sound Engine

- YAMAHA Grand Piano Sound - USA Contemporary and Classic Design

MAESTRO PIANOS have incorporated a new sound design engine with the NEW 5000 Series Technology and has captured the sound of a famous YAMAHA GRAND PIANO which also allows you to experience this state-of-the-art sampling technology alongside AMERICAN instrument Design, from the Masters of EUROPEAN Sound Design Teams . With its Authentic 88 KEY Weighted HAMMER ACTION keyboard this allows a piano of this quality, design and level of manufacturing to now compete in better than comparable pricing with many a higher priced and well branded instruments,

The Maestro digital pianos HAVE RAISED the bar and have also incorporated the use of the Intelligent arranger function. With this INTELLI CHORD feature you can also feel what its like to play with a band and sound like a pro with a built in one finger chord Arranger function. Apart from using this instrument as a Piano with its Authentic hammer action the built-in USB MIDI and in some models BLUETOOTH, the MP3 Audio Recorder also allows you to record and store you favorite songs for future reference or show off you song playing abilities to your friends and family via Computer Internet sharing.

The NEW 5000 Series Technology has captured the sound of a famous JAPANESE GRAND PIANO and allows you to experience the state-of-the-art sampling technology from the Masters of European Sound DESIGN TEAMS . This allows a piano of this design and level of manufacturing to now compete with many a higher priced and well branded instruments.

The Maestro HAMMER ACTION keyboard has been finished with a similar feel and finish of Ebony / Ivory Keys like a grand piano and also features a Graded weighted action with heavier touch in the low end and lighter touch in the high end, similar to like the hammers bouncing of the strings inside an acoustic piano. This will allow the up and coming pianist to keep on practicing with this type of action and to build the proper finger technique and strength and eventually feel at home if ever the experience of an acoustic piano is at hand .

PRODUCT FEATURES ( Check your model for features)

  • MICROPHONE Input allows you to sing along with your playing and the Aux input in the rear allows you to connect another  device or your own Audio mixer and utilize the internal speakers 
  • USB D Port to allow for today's age of Interactive learning VIA the world of Music Learning and Apps 
  • INTELL CHORD Chord makes you sound like a pro, and will create entire chords arrangement  Accompaniment for your own virtual band or to write songs.
  • Up to 256 NOTE POLYPHONY
  • 16 Levels of Velocity 
  • 3 Peal Grand Piano Footprint 
  • Headphone Input for Silent Practice 
  • Rich Sounding up to 50W Watts Full range Digital Stereo Sound engine for Warm Spacious and Realistic sound reproduction 
  • CLOSED BACK Sound board for extra control over sound resonance forward projection.
  • The European DESIGNED Sound generation system
  • Maestro GRADED HAMMER ACTION -Heavier at the bottom gradually lighter towards the top of the keyboard 
  • Practical USA contemporary or classic design and final finish -Choice of Sliding lid or Flip down Lid to make this an aesthetically pleasing instrument to suit your environment .