Service & Repairs

Guitar Setups and Adjustments

Guitars require adjustments on a regular basis
to maintain proper playability and performance.
A guitar setup is a complete adjustment and
calibration of the entire guitar to ensure that it is
as playable and as responsive as possible.
A setup also includes some basic preventative
maintenance and a thorough inspection.
Most players find that their guitar requires a setup once or twice per year to keep it performing properly. Common issues which develop over time, such as fret-buzz, high action, poor intonation and tuning, are all addressed in a setup. Depending on the instrument and the demands of the player, you may have your
guitar set up more or less frequently. It is
recommended that you have your guitar set up at least once per year to avoid potentially permanent damage. A setup is also an opportunity to optimize your guitar for a new string gauge or an alternate tuning. Such changes affect the tension on the guitar and usually require a full setup.