B - U.S.A. Alto Saxophone Lacquer - Gold Color-(6911535120578)

B - U.S.A. Alto Saxophone Lacquer - Gold Color

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This alto saxophone is perfect for everyone, from beginner to professionals alike! Made out of fine metals for superior tone production, the B USA Alto Sax is the perfect instrument for starting out on the alto saxophone. The keywork, pads, and adjustment all work together to make tone production easier, more consistent, and stronger. And the bell brace and construction help make it as durable as possible. Includes case, mouthpiece, cap, and ligature. Contour Keys with Faux MOP Inlays Key of Eb High F# Keys. Ebonite Mouthpiece with Reed and Cap.

Body Fine metals
Keys Comfortable Keys with MOP Inlays
Mouthpiece           Ebonite Mouthpiece with Reed and Cap

Package Includes:

Deluxe Plush Line Durable Hard Case
White Gloves
Cleaning Rod
Neck Strap
Polishing Cloth