Corriciadan Bottle Slide Classic Large-(6739865993410)

Corriciadan Bottle Slide Classic Large

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  • The great Blues slide players took their inspiration from real life. In their medicine cabinets was the same bottle as the one being offered here to the
    serious slide player today - The Corriciadan™ Cold Medicine Bottle.
    Just as the medicine cured what ailed you, the bottle itself had
    some wonderful qualities. It was light and small, exactly the right feel
    and weight for quick, sure positioning. Generations of slide players have
    used it, and now you can too! All the qualities of the original Coricidin™
    bottle have been painstakingly reproduced by hand. Oh, there's no medicine
    in it now but the magic is still there. With the Corriciadan™ Medicine Bottle
    Slide you're not just playing a're playing a legend!

    *Seamless  *Incredible sustain  *Break resistant  *Choice of the pros